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Being a mom of two boys and busy husband, I need to be creative with how I stay healthy without sacrificing my role as the mom and wife. Here are some tricks that I use everyday to stay healthy, young and vibrant.

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Eating Organic Economically

Organic is a way of life. A way of measuring quality and value through the chemical and genetic nature of our food. What goes into our bodies and ultimately what feeds every living cell within us with information is a foundation for health and wellbeing. And is not to be taken lightly.

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Our Inner Ocean

The mighty and mysterious Lymphatic system is easily one of the most overlooked healing systems in the body. It is the backbone of the immune system and is responsible for the movement and flow of lymph fluid. The lymph picks up blood cells and discharged cell materials and carries them to lymph nodes, where the lymph is flushed, cleansed and regenerated. The lymph nodes have a high concentration of white blood cells, lymphocytes which are key players in the healing of infection.

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Iodine the Goddess mineral

Iodine is most commonly known for its essential support for a healthy and balanced thyroid, but has many more roles ranging from balancing estrogen levels, an antibiotic to detoxification.

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Protein chia orbs

Chia orbs are the perfect on the go snack for anyone looking for a sustainable energy boost. Loaded with protein, fiber and good fats, these orbs offer a delicious dose of balanced nutrition to power you up and keep your energy levels going strong.

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Superfood muesli

Making your own organic superfood muesli is a fabulous way to ensure you and your family get good nutrition and energy to start off the day with a sparkle in your step.

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Bliss Chai (no tea chai)

Chai. the heavenly world of the spice infused tea and all the variations are out-of-this-world! here is a delicious recipe that has no caffeine! actually there is no tea, just spices, superfoods and nut milk.

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Lemon water to alkalize your day

Off to a New year and a New you? Trying to instill some healthy habits that will make a difference in your health and overall wellbeing? Starting your day with Lemon water is one of many key fundamental healthy habits that anyone can do to help the body…

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Raw blueberry bliss treats

Raw Solla is one of my all time favorite raw food chefs. I first experienced her contagious uplifting energy at the Womens Wellness conference and have been an ecstatic fan ever since. The following recipe is one she shared at the Longevity now conference 2014, I have made this recipe many times for all sorts of peeps and not only is it crazy easy but its mind-blowing good!

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Cosmic green smoothie

Green Smoothies are all the rage at the moment and with good reason too, as they are an excellent way to get good nutrition in an easy few minutes, and all in one glass! They can easily fill in some of our modern day nutrition conundrums of needing to eat more greens and fruit. Sounds pretty good right? Absolutely! But do you know you can take your magnificent smoothie to the next level of absolute radiance?

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