Lemon water to alkalize your day

Lemon water to alkalize your day
Off to a New year and a New you? Trying to instill some healthy habits that will make a difference in your health and overall wellbeing? Starting your day with Lemon water is one of many key fundamental healthy habits that anyone can do to help the body become more alkaline, cleanse and gently jumpstart the digestive system. A cup of warm lemon water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach offers huge yet gentle impact and is one of the easiest no fuss healthy habits anyone can do.
 Alkalizing the body helps to balance the constant acidic state that most people are experiencing. Our modern day lifestyles full of stress, little sleep, fast food, high sugar, caffeine chugging are just a few reasons why we need to tune in to the inner environment of our bodies and give a little love and self care. Lemon water gently wakes up  the digestive system and stimulates the liver to do what it does best, detoxify and eliminate.
 A little juice on Lemons. They have been a part of the human diet since the 1st century, used in home remedies and are considered a fruit with an abundance of radiant properties: they are antiseptic, antimicrobial, are known to decrease mucus build up in the body,  improve the absorption of minerals, promote weight loss, cleanse the blood, help alleviate flatulence and indigestion, ease nausea, heartburn and constipation.
 Make this alkalizing tonic every morning upon waking, on an empty stomach. All you need to do is heat up your filtered or spring water, take the juice of a freshly sliced organic lemon and add both to a precious mug of any size. Sip away maybe while you plan your day, do some affirmations, or wake up your love ones. Wait for 30 minutes before you eat or drink. Let this become part of your morning routine, and let it be all about self love and nourishment.
 Cheers to your delicious health and happiness.