Our Inner Ocean

Our Inner Ocean
 The mighty and mysterious Lymphatic system is easily one of the most overlooked healing systems in the body. It is the backbone of the immune system and is responsible for the movement and flow of lymph fluid. The lymph picks up blood cells and discharged cell materials and carries them to lymph nodes, where the lymph is flushed, cleansed and regenerated. The lymph nodes have a high concentration of white blood cells, lymphocytes which are key players in the healing of infection. The lymphatic system also plays an essential role in the detoxification of the body, as the lymph fluid gathers and moves out toxins and cellular waste through its vessels and into the colon, where it is eliminated.
 Our bodies are between 70-90% water and the movement, exchange and cleanup of our intercellular fluid is paramount for our overall health and wellbeing. An important fact to know about our lymph system is that it does not have a pump like our circulatory system has the heart. The lymphatic system moves by way of muscular and skeletal function… this is so important to understand, as most of us lead sedentary lifestyles which tax our bodies in many ways.  Scientists are still discovering the massive span of the Lymphatic system, but as recent research now shows, this intricate and vast system moves from the brain and throughout the whole body. I like to think of the Lymph and blood as the oceans within, both vitally important, one nourishing and delivering vital nutrients and the other cleaning up and making sure everything is in check. The integral relationship of the lymphatic system and the blood can be likened to yin and yang, they both work together and are part of a larger functioning beautiful whole.
 Some signs of a congested lymph are excess weight on the thighs and hips. Sore and swollen tonsils, frequent headaches, slow wound healing, swollen fingers and feet and slight edema, migraines, dehydration, fatigue, dry skin and swelling and tenderness of breasts during menstrual cycle, frequent colds, constipation, dry skin and at times stubborn weight.
 Some ways to love up your lymphatic system
 Rebounding – there is so much to be said about rebounding. It is a nasa approved exercise and does not put stress on joints.
 Hydrotherapy- This is a challenging yet invigorating practice that has multiple benefits, click “here” to learn more.
 Dry body brushing – Another simple and effective practice, and a big perk is it helps your skin look amazing and glow! learn more “here”
 frequently sipping “warm” water – This in an Ayurvedic practice that I leaned from Dr. ……..
 Good food and diet. Whole food diet, with lots of produce and greens – This is a given, yet it needs to be mentioned. Friends, “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food” -Hypocrates Is no joke! truly, we are what we eat! food is information for our cells. I go into great detail about this, but all I can say here is Love your body! and feed like you love it!
 Exercise – there are lots of varying opinions on how much, which type, even when. Through my own experience, I’ve had to find things that I love to do, that motivate or excite me. And somedays I will do yoga at home instead of heading to a cycling or dance class. Just start with a commitment to daily movement, be curious, try new classes, note the ones that turn you on and begin to schedule what you love into your exercise regime. Some of my favorite things are Yoga, dance, cycling, and the occasional gym session and I change it up with the seasons too.
 Lymphatic drainage – you will need to find a trained professional for this